Carl Howe Hansen
writer - musician - sailor
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Music: The Harley Lamas & other Musical Highlights

From left to right; Dave Walker, Tom Fleischmann, Carl Hansen, Dr. Sam Heath and Doug Hazzard

The Harley Lamas

The Harley Lamas are a Sandwich, NH based ensemble who refused to stop making music. When their peers set their instruments down to pursue careers, family, and the other distractions of life, The Lamas adopted an urgency to “play on.” Gathering in their basement studio they continued to pursue the sounds they love, from rock and roll oldies to eclectic contemporary alternative music. Sprinkle in a bit of blues, funk, country rock and reggae and you’ll discover the key to their longevity – variety is the spice of life. But expect to be moved –literally. Every song must pass a singular goal: from tapping your feet to rising to the dance floor, you must react. If not, they have failed.

Tom Fleischmann – guitar, slide guitar and vocals; Doug Hazard – guitar and vocals; Dave Walker - bass, harmonica and vocals; Carl Howe Hansen – drums and percussion; and Dr. Sam Heath – saxophone, percussion and vocals.


Another music project

Between 1970 and 1972 I was fortunate to gain access to some of the greatest musicians of the time at the Spectrum in Philadelphia - many of them are still going strong. On the left is Jeff Beck. I spent about a half hour in his dressing room before the show along with the other members of his band. I stood backstage with the great bass player, Harvey Brooks, and Michael Lang of Woodstock fame and was spellbound while I watched the show. Jeff's performance that night was extraordinary. Below is the legendary Allman Brothers Band. In just a few months after I took this photo, one of the greatest guitarists of all time, Duane Allman, would be dead. Duane is taking a solo here, while Dicky Betts has a smoke.
When the time is right I hope to publish some of my photographs with a narrative of those exciting times. 
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